The Wellesley Hotel Restaurant & Pub

The Wellesley Hotel Restaurant & Pub will be reopening for the 2019 season under new management. We are pleased to welcome Jamie Kalousdian to the TI Park family! Although Jamie has been coming to Wellesley Island for nearly 27 years, he grew up in Lake Tahoe where he worked in restaurant and hotel operations. After 25 years of a media career and 17 years at Cornell, Jamie went back to school to follow his passion of getting a master's degree in managerial Hospitality at Cornell. Jamie is working with Christian Latimer, a Cornell Chef Instructor and Teaching Support Specialist. Christian graduated Cornell with a Masters in Managerial Hospitality in 2018. He also has a Bachelors in Culinary Arts Management from the Culinary Institute of America. Christian will help during the hiring process and oversee kitchen operations.


Stay tuned for updates on the menu, concept and special features. Please feel free to reach out to Jamie and/or Christian at to welcome them, plan an upcoming event or to inquire about employment!

Lodging At The Wellesley Hotel

Experience the beauty of the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River in a historic Victorian setting. Built in 1903, The Wellesley Hotel boasts beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River, quaint Victorian decor and comfortable, vintage suites. Maintained as they were originally built, these suites have two elegant but refreshingly simple rooms connected by a full bathroom.


Our hotel is located in the center of Thousand Island Park and our suites offer views of either the open green spaces that lead to the River or our newly landscaped gardens. Each suite has a private bath and occupancy varies from 3 to 4 guests per suite.


Seasonal Availability – Late May thru Early September.
Booking future reservations year round is available at the link below or by calling 315.482.2576

Email: Stephanie Johnston, General Manager
Email: Cathy Backus, Office Manager
Email: Merissa Gagné, Administrative Assistant
Corporation Office: 315.482.2576
Corporation Office Fax: 315.482.6515

42822 St. Lawrence Avenue Unit #1103
Thousand Island Park, NY 13692

Wellesley Hotel: 315.482.3698

Guzzle: 315.203.2166

Security: 315.215.2851