So, you’ve decided to renovate your cottage, possibly build an addition or a shed, add or change exterior steps and/or railings, etc. or maybe even demolish your existing cottage and rebuild.  This type of work and indeed, any renovations or repairs that will alter or change the outside appearance of your cottage in any way, requires a Preservation Permit before work can begin.


To many TI Park cottage owners, the Preservation Permit application process may seem akin to climbing Mt. Everest-- a daunting, difficult and taxing uphill climb.   But like a professional mountaineer, if you take a little time to familiarize yourself with the climb and prepare accordingly, attaining your goal of getting that permit is easier than you might think.


To help all cottage owners better understand the process, we offer the following step-by-step guide.


  • Step 1
    • • Obtain a Preservation Permit Application (available in the Document Library on our website at or at the TI Park Corp. Office).

    • • Once you have all the required information—i.e., photos, drawings, cost estimate—fill-out the application.

    • • If you have any questions while completing the application, feel free to call or stop by the Office for assistance.

    • Step 2
      • • Take a photo of your cottage showing it from the street view.  Also photograph the section of your cottage you want to renovate or change.

      • • Prepare sketches or drawings of the proposed work.  The more complex your project, the more detailed your renderings should be.  For example, if you plan to build an addition or even a new cottage, architectural drawings are required.

      • • Do take advantage of and use the Checklist provided with the Application form.


    • Step 3
      • • Submit your completed application along with your photos, sketches or drawings and the appropriate application fee to the TI Park Corp. Office.

      • • Applications and accompanying photos, sketches and/or drawings can also be submitted electronically to

      • • The fee is based on the total estimated construction costs (including materials & labor) and is 1% of the total estimated cost.  The minimum fee charged is $10 and the maximum is $450.

      • • The deadline for submitting applications is at least 9 days prior to a scheduled Preservation Board meeting.


    • Step 4  
      • • If your proposed project is relatively simple and more importantly, if your submitted application is clear and contains all the required information, the review and approval process will move forward effortlessly and you can expect to receive a Permit within 24-48 hours.

      • • If your project is large in scope and includes major alterations (i.e., an addition, rebuild, etc.) and again, if your submitted application is detailed and complete, following initial review, the Board will likely give Conceptual Approval to your plans.  Along with their conceptual approval, the Board will usually request you provide specific, additional information.


    • Obviously, the larger the project, the more time it will take before final approval is granted and a Permit can be issued. Still, whether your project is large or small, the key to a successful and stress-free review process is the submission of a complete and detailed application.


    • The TI Park Corp. Office is here to help—if you have any questions about completing a Preservation Permit Application, please call us at 315.482.2576.

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